Q: How did EBUSC decide how much to charge for the 2020/21 season, since there are no games and training activities have been restricted due to COVID-19 Safety Protocol.

A: Determining a fair and fiscally responsible registration fee has been an intense process, involving our Executive Director, Directors of Coaching, Board of Directors, and parent feedback. Some of the key reasons why the fee is not lower than it is include the following:


- It is a common, and understandable misconception that our significantly lower during the COVID-19 restrictions. In fact, most of the significant costs associated with delivering the Bay Oaks program have remained consistent or substantial. This includes our personnel costs (paying coaches), renting and maintaining fields. We saved a little money by not having to pay to enter teams into the leagues and tournaments, but these savings are more than offset by the significant drop in registration revenues, due to the lowered fee, fewer players participating, and increased demand/need from families for financial aid support. Finally, COVID-19 restrictions and safety concerns lead to increased expenses in the form of greater staffing needs, cleaning/disinfecting supplies, additional rentals of handwashing stations, and more.


- We want to remain committed to improving compensation for our coaches, who are the front line of our program. We started this process two years ago with the first phase of increasing our pay scale. We moved forward with Phase Two of this plan, again adjusting/improving the pay scale for our hourly coaches at the beginning of this year.


We've done our best to control and lower our costs in this difficult time without compromising the quality of the program. We have also been actively, and successfully, fundraising to take some of the pressure of the registration revenues. We are also keeping our commitment to the Financial Aid program. In order to do that, we need to make sure those families who can afford to do so, are paying the actual costs of the program. Otherwise, we just undermine our ability to support and meet the needs of those families who want to participate, but cannot afford the listed registration fee.

Q: How much does the EBU Rec Program cost?

A: The Winter/Spring 2021 player registration fee is $75. The team registration fee for 2020/21 is $50 (covers Fall 2020 + Spring 2021). Financial Aid is available to families with a demonstrated need.

Q: What is the season schedule?

A: The Winter/Spring 2021 program will run from January 23rd - June 12th. Teams are NOT required to participate for the whole season. Sessions take place once a week, currently on Saturdays at 9am, 10:45am or 12:30pm.

Q: Where do EBU Rec teams play?

A: During the Winter/Spring 2021 program, all EBU Rec teams will start off practicing at Alameda Point Fields. We expect that additional locations and times will become available as COVID-19 restrictions are lightened or lifted.

Q: Will there be games?

A: We do not anticipate being allowed to play any league games against other teams during the spring season. We do expect that at some point during the spring, COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted or lightened enough to allow scrimmages during our practice sessions. We expect regular league play to resume during Fall 2021.

Q: How do the COVID-19 safety restrictions affect how the team practices work?

A: The EBU REC Program will follow the same COVID-19 Safety Protocols that we have been using for our Bay Oaks Competitive program over the summer. Please take a few minutes to download and review the safety protocols here. County and State guidelines allow us to do non-contact, socially distant outdoor activities with children in stable groups of up to 14. Players can still dribble, pass and shoot, but they can't "tackle" each other. Players are required to wear masks when arriving at and leaving the field, but are not required to do so while practicing. All adult coaches/managers must wear a mask at all times. Parents who are not coaching must wait outside the gate and may not enter the actual field complex at any time.

Q: How does my child join a team?

A: You can either start a new team with friends, classmates, and neighbors, or register your child as a free agent. When you register your child you have the option to request a specific team or coach. We do our best to accommodate these requests, but space may be limited. We will do our best to assign all registered players to a group; however, we will be limited by the number of Parent Volunteers available to help out in the program and how many teams we can form.

Q: What equipment/gear/uniform does my child need?

A: All players must wear shin guards fully covered by soccer socks to all sessions. Players should also bring their own reusable water bottled filled up with... you guessed it, WATER! No sharing drinks, and we highly discourage any sugar-sweetened beverages at the field (#drinkwaternotsugar). Soccer cleats are highly encouraged when playing on grass or turf fields. Please let us know if you would like a pair of free, gently used cleats from our "Give and Go" gear exchange program. Players do not need an EBU Rec uniform for the Winter/Spring 2021 season, but may purchase one at Soccer Post in Alameda.

Q: How do I know what age group my team or child should register for?

A: Recreational soccer uses 2-year age groupings, using even years. Rec Players are welcome to play up but may not play down a year. This means that a Rec Teams age group is set by the age of the OLDEST player on their roster. (Competitive soccer is organized in single year age groups by birth year).

Click here to confirm age group

Q: What do we need in order to form a new team?

A: When you register a team, you will be asked to provide the name of two parent volunteers who will take the lead on coaching and managing the team, with support from EBU. One of those parents must be available to coach the team during practices and games. The second parent may be another coach, team manager, or other volunteer. Follow the steps outlined above in the "Setting Up Your Rec Team" section on this page.

Q: How do we set up our roster?

A: The parent coach or team manager will register your EBU Rec team for the Spring 2021 Season, following the steps listed above in the "Setting Upr Your Rec Team" section on this page.. When you register the team, you will be asked to provide the names of children that you know would like to play on your team. Priority placement will be giving to your returning players, then to any players you list who register on time. Additional "free agent" players may be placed on your team if there is space and demand. EBU is committed to making the game accessible for all, and we appreciate the support of all families in welcoming new players to their teams each year.

Q: How do I become a volunteer head or assistant coach?

A: We thought you'd never ask! Please see "STEPS 4 & 5" in the "SETTING UP YOUR EBU REC TEAM" section above on this page. Parents may volunteer with a team that they are helping form, or they may request to help coach or assistant coach with an existing team. If you have completed STEPS 4 & 5 and would like to be assigned to a new or existing team as a coach, please email us here.

Q: What kind of support do parent volunteer coaches get from the club?

A: All volunteers get direct support on how to lead successful, fun and safe activities under the current restrictions. We can provide session plans, observe and support your practice, provide feedack and resources. Parent Volunteers will be required to complete an online safety training before hitting the field. Additional training & support for Parent Volunteers is available, including:

- US Soccer Learning Center (online courses)

- On-field support during activities
- SafeSport Certification

- Sideline Sports Injury Recognition Training

- Positive Coaching Alliance

- Support from our experienced EBU Staff Coaches

Q: What if my team only wants to play for part of the season?

A: No problem! Just let us know what your plans are when you get your field assignment.

Q: Can we make changes our roster during the season?

A: Yes. Your roster of up to 14 players must remain stable/unchanged for three week periods. Every three weeks you may request that players be added or removed from your team roster by emailing our registrar. All players must be fully registered before they are added to a roster. Players are not required to participate for the entire season. The $75 player registration fee covers the entire season, whether a player plays for just three weeks of 6 months!

Q: How many players can be on one team?

A: Our maximum roster size is 12 players for U6-U10 teams; 14 players for U12 and U14 teams, and 20 players for U16 and older teams.

Q: What if it rains?

A: On some weekends during the winter/spring we may need to close Alameda Point Fields due to heavy rain to avoid damaging the field. If this happens we will notify all families by email and text alert on the prior evening. Part of the reason why we have stretched out the Winter/Spring 2021 season from January to June is to make up for likelihood that we will have to miss some weekends in the earlier part of the year.


Q: What is the exact class schedule (location/days/times) for Soccer School - Spring Season 2

A: We have posted our expected class schedule on the EBU Juniors page of our club website, and we will be confirming the final class time/day/location options that you can choose from by March 31st at the latest. We are still working on getting permits to some fields that we regularly would use, but haven't been able to access recently. Please stay tuned!


Q: When can we drop off and pick up our child?

A: You may drop of your child at Emeryville Center for Community Life between 8:30am and 9am each day. Please pick up your child between 12pm and 12:15pm.

Q: Where do we drop off/pick up our child?

A: Please use the entrance at the small parking lot on 47th Street.

Q: Can I authorize another adult to pick up my child from camp?

A: Yes! If someone other than the parent/guardian listed on Teamsnap will be picking up your child, please email at least 24 hours in advance to let us know. If there is an emergency or last minute change of plans, please call the Camp Director on duty that day (phone number will be provided via email to parents).

Q: What COVID-19 precautions and safety protocol will be followed at camp?

A: All of our soccer programs will adhere to the same safety protocols. Please click here to review and sign the Informed Consent Waiver that outlines these protocols.

Q: What kinds of bathroom facilities will be available at camp?

A: Players and coaches will have full access to the permanent bathroom facilities at Emeryville Center for Community Life! ECCL is a public facility that is maintained regularly by City of Emeryville staff.


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