The EBU Experience

The EBU Experience

As our community and club is faced with the difficulties of these uncertain times as well as our inability to meet on the pitch, our staff has and will continue to offer whatever resources, knowledge, and coaching they can. This page will be our virtual clubhouse where information, activities, and so on will be posted and regularly updated. If you have anything you'd like to share, please do so! We'd love to share what our community has to offer. 


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Staying Physically Active



Soccer Drill to Improve Sole Roll

3 Essential Dribbling Drills Every Player Should Master

How to Place your Foot for a Short Pass Soccer Tutorial

Soccer Drill to Practice Power Kicks


20 MIN Total Core Workout (Equipment Free Ab Workout)

Cone Drills - Footwork, Agility & Acceleration Series - IMG Academy (6 of 6)

15 Fast Footwork Exercises | Increase Your Foot Speed With These Speed Ladder Drills


3 Tips for Young Soccer Goalkeepers

Proper Goalkeeper Stance - Soccer Tips

Hand Throws for Goalkeepers - Soccer Tips


StretchLab Albany- Facebook Live

  • Monday 3/23 @ 2PM PDT - 20 Minute Stretch - Upper Body Mobility w/ stretch strap

  • Tuesday 3/24 @ 9AM PDT - 10 Minute Stretch - Mobility Basics w/ foam roller

  • Wednesday 3/25 @ 3PM PDT - 30 Minute Stretch - Core Activation w/ exercise band & stretch strap

  • Thursday 3/26 @ 2PM PDT - 30 Minute Stretch 

  • Friday 3/27 @ 11AM PDT - 20 Minute Stretch

FAMILY - 5 Simple, Fun Ideas for Family Fitness - 10 Ways to Exercise as a Family - Family Recipes to Make Together - 21 Fun And Delicious Recipes You Can Make With Your Kids


32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment

30 Minute at Home Strength Workout - 21 of the Best Exercises for Beginners to Try at Home - 10 Best Exercises for Everyone

AKT GO™ Facebook Live - full body workouts that combine cardio dance intervals with strength and toning.

Club Pilates GO - Facebook Live 

Staying Mentally Active



Scholastic Learn from Home (Pre-K through 6th+) - 50 Fun Activities for Kids Will Keep Them Entertained for Hours

Storyline Online - Celebrities reading stories you may or may not have heard of! 

Natural History Museum of Utah - Research Quest

Free SAT prep resources, tests, tips, and more from the Khan Academy - 50 Fun and Positive Activities to Do With Your Teenager



Travel to the best the world’s museums have to offer with Google Arts & Culture’s Collections of Virtual Tours


Aquatic curiosity? Check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s live stream!


Stories for all ages - Audible free for kids


FUN & GAMES - Boredom Busters: 110 Fun At-Home Activities for Families & Kids

Pixar Child Development Center



450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free


University of Michigan School of Medicine - Stress Management: Relaxing Your Mind and Body - 20 Ways to Relax & Unwind

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