EBU Juniors "U6 K League"


U6 3v3 "K League"

For children in Kindergarten

U6 Spring Season Overview​

Spring 2020: March 14th - May 2nd

Games on Saturdays @ Raimondi Park in Oakland

No weekday team practices for U6 Teams during fall or spring—try Soccer School

New Player Registration for Spring 2020 Season is now open! If your child played in the U6 or U8 League during the Fall, you do not need to pay to register them for Spring 2020—that is already included!


U6 3v3 "K League"

Game Day Guidelines

Tips for a successful spring season!





- Check Teamsnap to confirm the date, time and location of your next game. If EBU is cancelling a game for any reason, that update will appear on your Teamsnap calendar and you will receive a notification. Please note that during the spring we play most U6/U8 games on turf, and do not anticipate cancelling any games due to rain. Please do not email to ask if there is any chance a game might be cancelled due to rain. We will update the cub website and Teamsnap and communicate with families as soon we have new information.


- Use the “Availability” feature on Teamsnap to RSVP for all of your games at least two weeks in advance.


- Make sure your child has the right equipment & gear for game day


- EBU Juniors Uniform (purchase at Soccer Post)


- Shin guards covered by soccer socks (blue preferred)


- Soccer cleats, turf or indoor shoes (recommended but not required)


- Water bottle filled up with WATER! #DrinkWaterNotSugar


- Review the U6 Spring Season Game Day Guidelines.


- Check for updates about how EBU is responding to the COVID-19 virus to help keep our children and families safe.




- Check Teamsnap to confirm how many players have RSVP’d for your game. Follow up with families as necessary to get an accurate head count.

- Your must bring your goals, balls, cones and bibs to all Saturday games. During the spring you will be using your own cones to outline your field in the designated space at Raimondi. We cannot paint your field lines on the Raimondi turf, but you may use the field markings as guidelines/sidelines along with your cones.




- Arrive at 15 minutes early, giving yourself time to park, get to your assigned field at Raimondi, and gather with your team’s coaches.


- Double check the Raimondi Field Map to confirm where your field is located.


- Offer to help your team’s lead volunteer in some capacity (be a game monitor, coach/ help with substitutions, set up / clean-up fields, etc)


- Be positive and just cheer—please do not coach or give instructions to children from the sideline! See more info a the Positive Coaching Alliance.


- Minimize contact that can spread germs—for now, no hi-fives or handshakes, etc


- Have fun!



U6 K League Spring Season Game Day Guidelines


U6 League


  • Your team will have the field for one hour, which will include a mini-practice followed two short 3v3 games. You and your opponent will share one field that is approximately 1/8 of the turf football field at Raimondi (eg, Field 1, Field, 3, Field, 5, Field 7). Please see the Raimondi Field Map for more details on where each field is located.


  • Use the first 15 minutes of the session to gather your group and do a fun activity or two (soccer tag, sharks & minnows, red light green light, etc).


  • Break your team into two groups (Warriors A and Warriors B)—your opponent will do the same (Ladybugs A and Ladybugs B). Make sure one parent is assigned to handle coaching/substitutions for each group. You will need a third parent to be a game monitor.


  • Use your cones and Pugg goals to break your assigned field (approx. 1/8 the football field) into two 3v3 fields. For 15-20 minutes, have Warriors A vs Ladybugs A on one field and Warriors B vs Ladybugs B on the other. Take a 3-5 minute water break—please encourage the children to #DrinkWaterNotSugar! Then switch—Warriors A v Ladybugs B on one field and Warriors B vs Ladybugs A on the other.


  • All games should be played in a 3v3 format without any goalkeepers.

  • Substitutions should be made “on the fly.”



- Give positive feedback to your children!


- Thank the parent volunteers and children and families from both teams!

- Help your team pack up and carry equipment (goals, cones, bigs, balls).


- Check in with your coach by email after the game with any questions or concerns that you have. Sometimes a meeting at the field is not the best or most convenient time to talk through concerns.

- Wash/sanitize your hands!


- Email juniors@ebusoccer.org with any additional questions or concerns that your team’s coaches/volunteers cannot answer. Please take a minute to visit the club website to answer your question before sending an email—it may be a faster way to get your answer!




Equipment & Uniforms

Your child should wear/bring the following to every practice and game:

– shin guards

– soccer socks (worn over the shin guards)

– cleats (grass or turf cleats OK, NO football or baseball cleats)

- water bottle with water (no sugary drinks please!)

- Children playing in the U6/U8 Leagues can purchase their EBU uniform at Soccer Post at South Shore in Alameda.

- Soccer School participants will receive a t-shirt at their first session.

Photo Day

EBU Juniors Photo Day for the 2019/20 Season will take place in April 2020. Please stay tuned for more details.

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)

The next PCA Workshop for EBU Juniors families will be held in early 2020. Please stay tuned for more details.

More Resources

Visit the Resources Section for more info about Referees, Uniforms, Teamsnap & more.

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