East Bay United Soccer Club will reimburse you for the cost of the course when you affiliate with and EBUSC team (Bay Oaks or EBU Rec. Just email us your receipt for reimbursement.

CLICK HERE to view the referee pay scale to see how much you can earn ($20 - $75 per game, depending on age, level of competition, and role).


  • STEP 1: Register for and pass the online course (link above).

  • STEP 2: Email us your receipt for reimbursement for the referee course.

  • STEP 3: Get your uniform and gear (we recommend Soccer Post in Alameda).

  • STEP 4: Set up your Referee Account on SportLynx (link above)

  • STEP 5: View the game schedule and request games using the SportLynx platform

  • STEP 6: Referee a game.

  • STEP 7: Submit your Match Report using the SportLynx platform.

  • STEP 8: Get paid!

EMAIL US with any questions about the EBU Referee Program or visit the Referee Section of our FAQ page for more details.


- Make sure your team has affiliated referees—each team is responsible for providing referees that cover other games in the league. In general, teams are expected to provide referees for the equivalent amount of home games that they have in a season. Anyone referee with a current license may affiliate with your team so that your team gets "credit" for the games they referee. Referees can set their Team Affiliation in the Profile Settings of their SportLynx account. See instructions above for how to get trained and certified as a new referee.

- Recruit a Team Referee Coordinator (volunteer)—their main job is to check the game schedule regularly to confirm that referees have been assigned to team's home games (see button at top of this page to view game schedule and current referee assignments). The Team Referee Coordinator should also keep/develop of at least a few referees that they can reach out to request that they ref your home game.

- If no Center Referee has been assigned to your game by 72 hours before kickoff, your Team Referee should contact any referees they know to see if they are available. If so, that referee should request the game through their SportLynx account. Whenever possible, home teams should have parents or other potential back-up referees on standby at the games to help with referee coverage.

- If no Center Referee has been assigned to your home game by 48 hours before kickoff, please email us here to request additional support.

- At 24 hours before kickoff, if no Center Referee has been assigned to your home game, your Team Referee Coordinator or Team Manager should contact your opponent to let them know. At that point, you may invite the opponent provide their own affiliated, certified referee(s) for the match, who would still be paid by Jack London Youth Soccer League. If the visiting team will provide a referee, you should email the Ref Coordinator to let them know so that the referees are properly assigned and paid.

- The Referee Coordinators will work on assigning a Center Referee for your home game until 2 hours before kickoff. If no referee is available then the game should be called off.

- Matches other than NPL competitions may be played with a single Center Referee. If a full crew of referees is not assigned the Center Referee may work the game solo or with the help of volunteer Assistant Referees.