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Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Check out the recent interview with Josh Redfield, college soccer player and Bay Oaks alumn!

Interview with Josh Redfield, Bay Oaks Alumn

Where are you playing now?

I just started my first season at San José State, where I was recruited as a center back.

How did realize your goal of playing college soccer?

I’ve always wanted to play soccer at as high a level as I could. I started with Bay Oaks around 7th grade, and the club’s focus on technique really helped me develop strong technical skills. When I got older, my coaches – Peter Hayton, Renee Rivas, Adrian Rodriguez and Dannylo – always urged me to be my most competitive and consistent. Adrian and Dannylo especially encouraged me to think back after every practice about how I played and how I could improve my performance next time. Also, once parents started recording games for the players to create highlight videos, as soon as the video was uploaded, I watched the games to analyze what I had done well and what I needed to work on. I knew I wanted to play college soccer, and once I was able to contact coaches, play at camps and get my highlights out there, Division one seemed like the most logical goal. So when I had the opportunity to play at an incredible program like San José State, I couldn’t refuse.

Any recommendations for younger players who want to play in college?

Play your best game, every game, you never know who could be there watching so you always want to be ready to compete. Likewise, your attitude should always have the team’s best interest in mind. It’s the difference between complaining about a bad pass or feeling sorry for yourself vs. building your teammates back up and moving on to do better in the next play. Go to ID camps, but the best are the one-day camps where coaches from a lot of schools plan on attending because you can appeal to many coaches at one time. I didn’t go to many sleep away ID camps or camps that were at far away schools. Also, know that there are a lot of colleges out there with soccer programs. If you don’t want the commitment of Division I, there are a lot of other schools where you can both play soccer and have a great college experience. Lastly, go play with your friends and teammates whenever you can outside of practices and games, challenge each other and push yourself into areas that you aren’t so good at, that's where the most learning takes place.

What to do you love about the game?

It’s kind of indescribable. I love being in the heat of the game, not really thinking about right and wrong, just free to express myself in whatever way feels like it fits in the moment. Soccer has been a way for me to escape from every stress or worry. Sometimes I even drive to the field 9 or 10 at night and work on my foot skills or shooting skills, anything, really, and I always come back feeling better whatever is going on.

Who is your favorite professional player?

Toni Kroos of the German national team and Real Madrid club team.

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