Policies and Procedures in Response to the
COVID-19 Pandemic

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I would like to wish everyone a positive, healthy, and better 2021. 


In early December, we helped draft a letter to the governor...


...Looking forward to 2021, we are still facing uncertainty in many areas of our lives. Shortly after we submitted this letter, the state provided more clarification to their safe return to play guidelines and the timeline is more clear - we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

December 14 Updated Guidance from CA


Norcal Premier Soccer staff stands ready to organize a safe return to competition within a county or region the moment an announcement comes from the state. As soon as we have the green light, registration will open and communication will be sent to all those eligible to participate.


As a parent, a player, and a coach, I firmly believe games are the best part of soccer. We know players, coaches and parents are missing this area of the sport - not only versus opponents but within their training as well. We hope clubs are able to at least allow children to safely play soccer games within their team setting soon.


Throughout the pandemic, we know your club’s involvement in children’s lives has been incredibly important. Often, it is the only time many of your players are able to spend time with their friends and teammates. We tip our hat to the parents, board members, coaches, and other volunteers for the incredible amount of time and energy you spend not only to provide this valuable outlet but also to ensure your club survives and continues to thrive in the future.


Despite these trying times, I remain optimistic about the future and believe soccer, “the world’s game” will continue to be a positive, unifying force bringing people together, not only in this country but throughout the world.


Thank you,

Benjamin Ziemer

Updated COVID-19 Safety Policies & Waiver

Please click on the button at the top of this page to download and review the most up-to-date version of our COVID-19 Safety Policies & Procedures for 2021. When you register for a program you will be emailed a link to electronically sign a waiver acknowledging receipt and understanding of these policies.

Communication about Winter Time & Holiday Season (including Travel)


In line with the State of California, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and the City of Berkeley, we’re issuing this statement regarding winter and the upcoming holiday season. All members of the East Bay United Soccer Club community should read and follow the guidelines put out by their local governments to ensure a continued safe and healthy environment for our teams to continue training.


COVID and the Flu

What you need to know about COVID-19 and the flu


Symptoms of COVID-19 and the flu can be similar. If you are experiencing any emergency warning signs, such as trouble breathing, bluish lips or face, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion or inability to wake/stay awake, seek emergency medical care immediately.


COVID-19 and the flu are caused by different viruses, but are spread in similar ways. The best ways to protect yourself from getting sick are:

  • Get your flu shot now. Flu shots are recommended for everyone over the age of 6 months.

  • Wear a face covering and keep 6 feet distance from those not in your household. Limit contact with people you don't live with.

  • Wash hands frequently.



Lo que debe saber sobre el COVID-19 y la gripe


Los síntomas del COVID-19 y los de la gripe se parecen. Si presenta signos de alerta de emergencia, como dificultades para respirar, labios o cara azulados, dolor o presión persistentes en el pecho, confusión nueva o incapacidad de despertar/permanecer despierto, busque atención médica de emergencia inmediatamente.


Los virus que causan el COVID-19 y la gripe son diferentes, pero se propagan de maneras similares. Las mejores formas de protegerse de estas enfermedades son estas: 

  • Vacunarse contra la gripe ahora mismo. Las vacunas contra la gripe se recomiendan para todos los mayores de 6 meses. 

  • Usar mascarilla y mantener 6 pies de distancia de quienes no forman parte de su grupo familiar. Limitar el contacto con personas que no viven con usted. 

  • Lavarse las manos con frecuencia.


Holiday Season


During the holiday season, you may be wondering if it is safe to gather and celebrate with loved ones. Here are guidelines for protecting yourself and others from COVID-19. The safest gathering is one that is a small, stable group that meets outdoors for a short duration and uses face coverings, distance and other safety measures. Any activity outside of your household increases chances of exposure to the virus. Be selective and space out which public activities you choose. If gathering with your small, stable group is most important, consider forgoing or delaying other activities such as a haircut or indoor dining to reduce your overall exposures and protect your group.


Durante la temporada navideña, quizás se pregunte si es seguro reunirse y celebrar con sus seres queridos. Aquí hay pautas para protegerse a sí mismo y a los demás del COVID-19. La reunión más segura es aquella que es un grupo pequeño y estable que se reúne al aire libre por un período corto y usa cubrimientos faciales, distancia y otras medidas de seguridad. Cualquier actividad fuera de su hogar aumenta las posibilidades de exposición al virus. Sea selectivo y separe las actividades públicas que elija. Si reunirse con su grupo pequeño, estable es lo más importante, considere renunciar o retrasar otras actividades como un corte de pelo o una cena en el interior para reducir su exposición general y proteger a su grupo. 


Safety recommendations

  • Maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from people not in your household at all times, whether you’re sitting or standing. More distance is safer.

  • Wear face coverings at all times, including when talking to others. You can remove face covering briefly to eat, drink, or take medication as long as you stay at least 6 feet away from everyone outside your own household. More distance is safer.

  • Remain outside as much as possible. If you go inside, open windows and doors to increase ventilation.

  • Wash hands with soap and water often. If not available, use hand sanitizer.

  • Serve shared food safely. If it is not possible to use single-serve disposable containers, food and beverages must be served by a person who washes or sanitizes their hands frequently and wears a face covering. If you are dropping off home-prepared food or drink gifts, be sure to wear a mask and disinfect or wash your hands thoroughly.

  • Avoid singing, chanting, and shouting. If you cannot avoid these activities, keep your face covering on, your volume low, and at least a 6-foot distance from others. More distance and being outdoors are safer.


Recomendaciones de seguridad

  • Mantenga al menos 6 pies de distancia física de las personas que no sean de su hogar en todo momento, ya sea que esté sentado o de pie. Más distancia es más segura.

  • Use cubiertas para la cara en todo momento, incluso cuando hable con otras personas. Puede quitarse la cubierta de la cara brevemente para comer, beber o tomar medicamentos siempre y cuando se mantenga al menos a 6 pies de distancia de todas las personas fuera de su hogar. Más distancia es más segura.

  • Permanezca afuera tanto como sea posible. Si ingresa, abra las ventanas y puertas para aumentar la ventilación.

  • Lávese las manos con agua y jabón con frecuencia. Si no está disponible, use desinfectante para manos.

  • Sirva la comida compartida de manera segura. Si no es posible usar recipientes desechables de una sola porción, la comida y las bebidas deben ser servidas por una persona que se lave y desinfecte las manos con frecuencia y use una cubierta facial. Si va a dejar regalos de comida o bebida preparados en casa, asegúrese de usar una máscara y desinfectar o lavarse bien las manos.

  • Evite cantar, cantar y gritar. Si no puede evitar estas actividades, mantenga su rostro cubierto, su volumen bajo y al menos a una distancia de 6 pies de los demás. Más distancia y estar al aire libre son más seguros.


Traveling during the Holiday Season

Avoid travel during the holidays


COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in many parts of the country. Nonessential travel, including holiday travel, is not recommended. Traveling outside the Bay Area will increase your chance of getting infected and spreading the virus to others after your return. Additional precautions should also be taken when hosting and interacting with people traveling to the Bay Area, especially from other areas with widespread COVID-19.


If you travel outside the Bay Area, it is strongly recommended that you self-quarantine for 14 days after your return if your activities while travelling put you at higher risk of getting COVID-19. These higher risk activities include:

  • Spending time within 6 feet of people you do not normally live with, while you or anyone around you was not wearing a face mask – especially if you were indoors.

  • Traveling on planes, buses, trains, public transportation, or other shared vehicles, if face masks were not worn at all times by both you and the other people in the vehicle.


Evite viajar durante las vacaciones


COVID-19 se está propagando rápidamente en muchas partes del país. No se recomiendan los viajes no esenciales, incluidos los viajes de vacaciones. Viajar fuera del Área de la Bahía aumentará sus posibilidades de infectarse y transmitir el virus a otras personas después de su regreso. También se deben tomar precauciones adicionales al hospedar e interactuar con personas que viajan al Área de la Bahía, especialmente desde otras áreas con COVID-19 generalizado. 


Si viaja fuera del Área de la Bahía, se recomienda encarecidamente que se ponga en cuarentena durante 14 días después de su regreso si sus actividades mientras viaja lo ponen en mayor riesgo de contraer COVID-19. 


Estas actividades de mayor riesgo incluyen: 

  • Pasar tiempo a menos de 6 pies de las personas con las que normalmente no vive, mientras usted o las personas a su alrededor no usaban una mascarilla, especialmente si estaba adentro. 

  • Viajar en aviones, autobuses, trenes, transporte público u otros vehículos compartidos, si usted y las otras personas en el vehículo no usaron máscaras faciales en todo momento.

Organization Websites for more information, resources, and guidance

State of California Health Department, COVID-19



Alameda County Health Department



Contra Costa County Health Department



City of Berkeley Health Department



Halloween / Dia De Los Muertos Safety Message

In line with the State of California, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and the City of
Berkeley, we’re issuing this statement regarding the upcoming Halloween and Día de los
Muertos weekend. All members of the East Bay United Soccer Club community should read and
follow the guidelines put out by their local governments to ensure a continued safe and healthy
environment for our teams to continue training.
State of California: Holidays usually mean gathering with friends and extended family, attending
parties, hosting dinners, traveling, and celebrating time-honored customs. But some holiday
activities promote congregating and mixing of households, which increase the risk of
transmitting COVID-19.

● While holidays may look different this year, think of this as a chance to celebrate in safe,
fun and new ways. Since COVID-19 can easily spread through close contact, wear a
face covering and keep at least six feet of social distance. Celebrating outdoors is safer
than indoors, and small groups are safer than large groups.

● Aunque los días festivos puedan parecer diferentes este año, aproveche la oportunidad
de celebrarlos de una manera nueva, segura y divertida. El COVID-19 puede
contagiarse a través del contacto cercano, por lo que es importante utilizar una
mascarilla facial y mantener una distancia social de seis pies como mínimo. Es más
seguro celebrar al aire libre que en espacios interiores y es recomendable hacerlo en
grupos pequeños en vez de grupos grandes.

Organization Websites for more information, resources, and

State of California Health Department, COVID-19

Alameda County Health Department

Contra Costa County Health Department

City of Berkeley Health Department

Joint Statement of the Bay Area Health Officers
These holidays are no different than the rest of the year when it comes to reducing the spread
of COVID-19. Stay home if you feel sick or have come into close contact with someone who has
COVID-19; wear a face covering whenever you leave home; and keep your distance from
others (even relatives) who don’t live in your household, and remember that being outside is
safer than being inside, especially in combination with face covering and keeping your distance.
Consider using a themed cloth mask, as a costume mask is not a substitute. Avoid wearing a
costume mask over a protective cloth mask because it can be dangerous if the costume mask
makes it hard to breathe.

Alternative Ways to Celebrate
Plan lower-risk celebrations, like:
● Joining online parties for costume contests or pumpkin carving
○ Carving or decorating pumpkins outside, at least 6 feet apart while wearing
masks, with a very small group of neighbors or friends. Fewer people with more
distance is safer.

● Enjoying activities from your car like drive-through Halloween displays or drive-in movies
● Having fun at home with scary movies, a candy scavenger hunt, or turning your home
into a haunted house
● Putting on costumes and going on a physically distanced walk with your household
● Dressing up your home or yard with Halloween decorations
● Visiting an outdoor pumpkin patch, while wearing a mask and maintaining distance from
● Having a virtual costume contest.
● Participating in vehicle-based gatherings that comply with state and local guidance like
drive-in movies and drive-through attractions, or car/bike parades where participants do
not leave their vehicles.
ings-eng.pdf ; For more information about vehicle-based gatherings, visit
○ Avoid driving in areas where there are many pedestrians.
○ Spectators should watch from their homes or yards and not gather with people
they do not live with.

Full Joint Statement of the Bay Area Health Officers

Día de los Muertos
For safety, celebrate Día de los Muertos only with other members of your household, or online.
Honor loved ones, protect our community:
● Prepare traditional family recipes with members of your household
● Make and decorate your living space with papel picado
● Play music in your home that your departed loved ones enjoyed
● Make and decorate calaveras or alebrijes
● Make ofrendas to honor departed loved ones
Honra a sus seres queridos, protege a nuestra comunidad:
● Prepare recetas familiares tradicionales con los miembros de su hogar
● Elabore decoraciones para su casa con papel picado
● Toque la música que disfrutaban sus seres queridos fallecidos
● Elabore y decore calaveras o alebrijes
● Coloque ofrendas como un homenaje para sus seres queridos fallecidos

VERY HIGH RISK: Not permitted by State and Local Orders
● Attending a crowded party held indoors or outdoors. Large gatherings, even if they are
outdoors, are high risk for spreading COVID-19 and are associated with many cases
throughout the Bay Area.
● Sharing, eating, drinking, speaking loudly or singing amongst others outside of your
● Haunted houses or indoor mazes
● Having trunk-or-treat where treats are handed out from trunks of cars lined up in large
● parking lots.


Policies and Procedures in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Click on the button at the top of the page to view/download our full COVID-19 policies and procedures, along with the Liability Release/Agreement. All Bay Oaks Families must submit the signed Release/Agreement before participating in any on-field activities. If you have registered for the 2020/21 Bay Oaks Season but have not yet received a copy of the Release/Agreement to be signed electronically, please email us here to request that it be sent to you.



NorCal Tryout Window: 

The tryout window is now confirmed as June 6 - July 20. Please review the updated information on the link below. The start date for the tryout window will not be pushed back again by the NorCal Board of Directors...


NorCal Recruiting Definition Update: 

With the objective of providing more clarity on some grey areas associated with recruiting rules, the NorCal Board of Directors have approved an updated definition of recruiting, effective immediately (see below in blue). This definition has been updated in the NorCal Code of Ethics, NorCal Handbook & any relevant policies/documents.


Outside the NorCal Tryout Window:  "Recruiting" refers to making any contact or communication with a a player who is registered with another NorCal club, in which the player is asked or allowed to join a club, attend a tryout or club training session, or play or guest play for another club, without first receiving permission from the Director of Coaching of the player's club.


Inside the NorCal Tryout Window:  "Recruiting" refers to making an initial or first contact or communication with a player who is registered with another NorCal club, in which the player is asked or allowed to join a club, attend a tryout or club training session, or guest play for another club, without first receiving permission from the Director of Coaching of the player's club.


Note:  Players do not need DOC permission to contact other clubs during the Tryout Window, and Adult members are permitted to respond to such contacts during the Tryout Window, without requesting permission from the player's DOC.

during the shelter in place order we’ve worked to stay connected with our players and families through online team meetings and practices, training videos, and more. These efforts make the most of our difficult situation, but we know that they cannot fully replace the experience on the field.  Even as we continue to pay for our coaches, fields and administrators, we acknowledge the soccer experience for the club and our families is not the one any of us expected this year, including the recently announced cancellation of the Spring season. In response, East Bay United Soccer Club has approved a refund policy that we believe is amenable to our families needs while ensuring the sustainability of our community club.  




Bay Oaks families have three options:

  1. Accept a refund of 10% of your player’s registration fee for the 2019-20 season.


  1. Accept a credit* for a future program registration at EBUSC;


  1. Decline and return the refund as a tax-deductible donation to support the financial aid program and coaches at East Bay United Soccer.


In difficult times, we believe it is important to offer this refund option to our families. We also ask for your support in keeping our soccer family strong. Please consider converting your refund into a tax-deductible donation to support our coaches and financial aid program at East Bay United Soccer Club!


Please click here to claim or decline your partial refund for the 2019-20 season.


Your Directors of Coaching will be following up this weekend to invite you to return to Bay Oaks for the 2020/21 season. Thank you for being part of the East Bay United Soccer Club family... Go Bay Oaks!


- East Bay United Soccer Club




NorCal Premier Members,


Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place order and the expectation that the situation will not change dramatically going into May, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all remaining NorCal 2019/20 competitions. This includes U8-U10 Regional Spring Leagues, U11-U19 Spring League, U14-U19 State Cup, National Premier League & State Premier League. The NorCal Board of Directors will meet again in May to make a decision on competition refunds and/or credits, and we will communicate a policy to all clubs by May 15. 


In addition, members of NorCal's leadership are meeting this week with all Regional Advisory Committees to discuss tryouts and team formation in light of COVID-19; and the NorCal Board of Directors will provide an update on these issues to the full membership by no later than April 30. Although the timeline for return to play remains uncertain, NorCal is fully prepared to assist member clubs in getting kids back on the field by providing games and competitions as soon as public health and government officials declare it safe to do so.


We appreciate your support and patience as we navigate this unprecedented situation.


NorCal Premier Board of Directors




Dear East Bay United Families,

My first wish is that this message finds you all doing well and taking care of each other at home.  We are all being impacted in different ways by this unprecedented public health emergency. While we focus on adapting our soccer programs and continuing to serve all our families, we also keep in mind that many in our community are facing more difficult questions than “When will we be back on the field?” East Bay United Soccer Club is committed to supporting our families through this time, and emerging from the crisis together, stronger than ever.

Much remains unknown and out of our control, but I would like to provide some general updates on our soccer programs. Please see the information below and click on the links provided for more details.


Every current Bay Oaks player is being invited to return to Bay Oaks for the 2020-21 season! Later this month each family will receive an official invitation from the Bay Oaks Directors of Coaching. While we can’t know what next season will look like or when we will return to the field, we do know that we want to keep our soccer family together as we move forward.

NorCal has not made a final decision on whether the spring competitive season will be postponed until summer or cancelled altogether, or when clubs may hold tryouts. We still plan to hold tryouts when possible to evaluate and welcome players from our EBU Rec program and from outside the club to join Bay Oaks for next season; however our current players will not lose their spots in the program.

All Bay Oaks teams will continue with our distance training program and virtual team meetings during April and May to stay active, connected, and improving during the shelter-in-place.


Jack London Youth Soccer League recently voted to cancel the spring rec season. Our club has finalized our refund policy for all families that were signed up to participate in the Spring 2020 rec soccer season. Please click here for more information about refunds for spring. Starting later this month, all EBU Rec players will have access to some of the distance training resources that we are developing for our competitive Bay Oaks teams.


We have canceled our EBU Juniors U6/U8 programs for the spring season and have finalized our refund policy for families that were signed up to participate. Please click here for more information about refunds for spring 2020 EBU Juniors programs.

We will be providing more details on how players born in 2012 and 2013 can try out and join our Bay Oaks competitive soccer program for next season, as we do not expect to hold our regular tryouts next month.

We are currently developing video content to take our Soccer School program online for all the little ones at home... and their parents! Please stay tuned :)

We continue to build our library of resources for families to stay healthy and happy while we shelter-in-place. Please visit our COVID Resources Page for activities and more!

Please feel free to reply directly to this email with any questions, concerns, ideas or feedback. Thank you and take care!

Coach Drew
Executive Director, East Bay United Soccer Club




Development Academy Administrators, Coaches, Players and Parents,

It is with profound disappointment that we have made the determination to end the operation of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy, effective immediately.

This was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but the extraordinary and unanticipated circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in a financial situation that does not allow for the continuation of the Development Academy program into the future. We know that suddenly discontinuing a program that has been with U.S. Soccer for many years is shocking, but these unprecedented times required acting now.


We are proud of the tremendous amount of hard work and dedication that everyone involved has contributed to the Development Academy clubs throughout the years for the benefit of thousands of young players. A sincere thanks goes to all of you at the grassroots level where the most important work is done. We are grateful.


We know you will have a lot of questions about what this means for the future of your club, and we recognize those concerns. While we do not have all the answers on what the future will look like across the youth soccer landscape, as the governing body of the sport in the United States we are committed to doing as much as we can to assist during these extremely challenging times.


In the immediate future, we will continue to engage all stakeholders across the youth soccer landscape. At the same time, we will also look to increase our efforts on coaching education as well as being engaged and active in the identification and scouting of youth players across the country for all our National Teams.

In the absence of the Development Academy, we can all still take the lessons we have learned over the years and continue the implementation of high-quality player development environments across the country. Thanks to your hard work and collaboration, the Development Academy set the bar for elite player development. Finally, we have every confidence that all of our membership will work together to implement the Academy philosophy and standards that are important to provide players the best environments to reach their full potentials.


In spite of this difficult financial decision, we are committed to working together and look forward to a bright future.

Please stay healthy and safe,


Will Wilson
U.S. Soccer Secretary General and CEO


Earnie Stewart
U.S. Soccer Sporting Director


Cindy Parlow Cone
U.S. Soccer President





The EBU Board of Directors is finalizing a plan for how we will handle partial and full refunds for spring programming that has been suspended. Once that plan is finalized, all families will receive an email communication about the amount of their refund or credit, and how to claim it. The refund policy will be modified for each program (see slides for Bay Oaks, EBU Juniors, EBU Rec, Camps & Clinics)

In most cases, families  will be invited to choose from one of the following options:

  • Accept refund on their credit card

  • Accept credit for future registration (worth equal or more than the refund being offered)

  • Decline/Return the refund as a donation to East Bay United Soccer Club



03/12/20 @ 3:30pm

Dear East Bay United Soccer Club Families,

Following the updated guidance from US Soccer, NorCal and Cal North, our club is suspending all practices effective immediately through March 31st. With COVID-19 being an evolving situation, we are currently consulting with public health experts for further guidance.

The suspension of programming applies to all practices, games, clinics, classes, meetings and other club activities. Please stay tuned for further information this week from your coaches, team managers and coaching directors about how this will affect specific activities for your child during the spring. 

Our priority is the health and safety of our community and our families. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this situation.

- East Bay United Soccer Club

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