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Bay Oaks is the the competitive program of East Bay United Soccer Club. Bay Oaks boys and girls teams have been competing in the Bay Area and beyond since 1980.

Bay Oaks Boys
U9 - U19 Teams
Bay Oaks Girls
U9 - U19 Teams
Program Overview
  • On-Field Training 2x per week @ Alameda Point (additional fields pending availability)

  • Stable Groups of up to 15 players

  • Non-contact socially-distant activities, pending updated guidelines from Alameda County

  • 1 online session per week—activity/topic will vary by age group and gender


REGISTRATION FEE - $850 half-year (through December 31st)

After much consideration, we have set the registration fee at $850 for the half-year. Please note that the deposit payment(s) that you already made will count towards this fee, as well as any credit on your account from spring, and any financial aid award that your family receives.


East Bay United Soccer Club will continue our strong commitment to investing in Financial Aid, to ensure the quality and accessibility of our programs. We understand that this has been a difficult year for many, and will do our best to meet the financial needs of all of our families. Any family is welcome to apply, and all award decisions will be based on family's demonstrated need. Please use the following link to complete the Financial Aid Application. We also encourage families to make a donation of any size to help keep our club and our financial aid program strong!


STEP 1 - Financial Aid

Determine whether or not your family will apply for Financial Aid this season using the application at this link. If you are applying for Financial Aid, please complete the application by September 3rd.

STEP 2 - How much do you owe?

$850 (half-year registration fee)...

- subtract any Financial Aid Award...

- subtract Deposit Payment(s) you've made over the summer...

- subtract any credit remaining on your account from the cancelled spring 2019 season...

- equals the balance due!

STEP 3 - How do you pay/complete the registration

Our Admin Team will calculate your balance due then email you the registration link with a customized discount code. You will receive your code and registration link by September 4th and will have the option of breaking your payment into four monthly installments.



Alameda County issued new guidelines which allow us to have children in pods/stable groups of UP TO 15 children! They have also clarified that children may participate in up to 2 extracurricular activities, in addition to their household/social bubble!!! These are steps in the right direction, and we are hopeful that some additional restrictions will be lifted in the coming months. We still do not expect any leagues or competitions; however, it is possible that we will be able to resume normal soccer activities during our practices and within the club.


As the situation evolves—and hopefully improves—we will have a better sense of what to expect in the spring. We will wait until December to set the spring season registration fee, based on the level of programming that we can offer.


Players born in 2012 are  invited to join our competitive Bay Oaks program without in-person tryouts. Families of players born in 2012 who want to join Bay Oaks should email the Boys or Girls Director of Coaching for instructions on how to complete their registration.

Transfers & "Tryouts"

During the Official Norcal Tryout/Transfer window, players may join the Bay Oaks program from another club. The tryout window is now confirmed as June 6 - July 20.

During the tryout/transfer window, our Directors of Coaching and coaching staff will be evaluating players through a variety of methods and extending offers to families to join the program. For most of our age groups, we do not plan to hold traditional in-person tryouts for the 2020/21 season.

Players who wish to join Bay Oaks from another club should register using the button below if they have not already. Once you register, you will be contacted by our Directors of Coaching after June 6th with more information about the player evaluation and team formation process.

We will not reply to any inquiries by email or otherwise about transferring to Bay Oaks from another club until after June 6th, when the official Tryout/Transfer Window opens.

(no fee)

(no fee)

EBU Rec & Other Players


Every year children make the transition form recreational to competitive soccer. If your child played on a rec soccer team would like to play competitive soccer with Bay Oaks, please email us we will follow up with you. You should also register for Boys or Girls Tryouts using the buttons below on this page.

(no fee)

(no fee)


All current Bay Oaks Players have been invited to return to our competitive Bay Oaks program for the 2020-2021. If you have already registered and paid a deposit, you will receive an email with the link and discount code to complete your registration for Fall/Winter 2020.

Any former/returning Bay Oaks player who has not yet paid the 2020 deposit may still register, pending space in that age group/pool. Please email the Boys or Girls Director of Coaching for more information if you would like to return to Bay Oaks!


Please click here for more info and to complete the EBUSC Application for Financial Aid for the 2020/21 season.

Boys Age Groups for 2020/21 Season


2002-2004 (U19) - 3 Teams

2005 (U16)- 2 Teams

2006 (U15) - 2 Teams

2007 (U14) - 2 Teams

2008 (U13) - 2 Teams

2009 (U12) - 2 Teams

2010 (U11) - 3 Teams (more info)

2011 (U10) - 2-3 Teams

2012 (U9) - 2-3 Teams

Girls Age Groups for 2020/21 Season

2002-2003 (U19)

2004  (U17)

2005  (U16)

2006 (U15)

2007 (U14)

2008 (U13)

2009 (U12)

2010 (U11)

2011 (U10)

2012 - (U9)

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