Bay Oaks Boys 2012 Pool

Brooke Nelson

Bay Oaks Boys 2012 Pool

Lead Coach


All players born in 2012 are invited to join our competitive Bay Oaks Boys program without doing an in-person tryout. Space may be limited in this age group, sign up early!


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This year players can register for the U9 Bay Oaks Boys 2020/21 season without doing an in-person tryout.


We are asking each family to create and submit short video of your child, using the guidelines below. Please register first, then submit your video.


  • Video does not have to be "high quality"—using a phone camera is great!

  • Video should be at least one minute, but no longer than 5 minutes.

  • Have the child introduce themselves at the beginning (name + anything else—school, favorite team, etc.

  • Pick any of the following:

    • Show us how many times you can juggle the ball without letting it touch the ground.

    • Show us some of your dribbling skills or anything you like to do with the soccer ball.

    • Find something that you like from our Training Video Library try it out.

Please email your short video to us here.



We anticipate having a pool of 36 players that will eventually form three Bay Oaks 2012 Boys teams (Gold, Blue and White).

We will begin offering spots in the Bay Oaks Boys 2012 Pool to families on June 1st.


Our coaching staff is evaluating players as they register, using the following:

- familiarity with our "in-house" EBU Juniors players

- player videos submitted by families

- live online sessions, as needed (individual, small and large groups)


If we cannot guarantee a spot in the Bay Oaks 2012 pool for the 2020/21 season to any player who has registered below, we will notify that family no later than June 15th. In that case, a player may be listed as an alternate, and the family would be updated if/when a spot in the pool became available. In some cases, we may let a family know that we definitely will not have a spot for them in the pool for the season. We can help players find an EBU Rec team to join, or provide info about other competitive programs in the area.

All children who register now will have access to our Bay Oaks Distance/Online Training Program from June through August, even if we cannot offer them a spot on a team when we return to the fields.


Brooke Nelson

Bay Oaks Boys 2012 Pool

Lead Coach

Jasper Hebert


Marco Plascencia

Director of Coaching

Bay Oaks Boys

Andre Hebert

Asst. Director of Coaching

Bay Oaks Boys


Please review our plans for returning to the field for more info. The first leg of of the 2020/21 season will begin in June, and will focus on our Distance/Online Training Program.

- 2 live group training sessions per week (45-60 mins each)

- large group session on Tuesday afternoons

- second session in smaller groups, scheduling will vary

- Fun weekly challenge or assignment to work on between sessions


- Emphasis on individual ball skill development and finding ways to keep enjoying the game during the summer!

- Verbal and written feedback from coaching staff to support each player's development

Challenge for the Summer:

Can you learn all 30 moves by the end of August?


We understand that the availability of players and families will vary during the summer. Once we can return to the fields for practices and games, consistent attendance will be more important.

We will have an online Team Meeting for our 2012 Boys Pool in June. One parent from each family should attend and participate. We plan to have a Team Meeting (~45 minutes) once every three months.

Our live sessions will be run and monitored by a team of coaches. Someone will need to be available to support the player in person during our live sessions. This includes logging into the session, checking audio, and getting the camera pointed at the player's feet. The person helping the player does not need to be a parent.

We do not expect any travel time for families during the summer. 


We are asking families to make a $200 deposit payment for the 2020-21 season. This can be broken up into monthly installment payments. If your family is unable to make the deposit payment at this time, please email us for assistance.


The deposit payment for the 2020/21 season is not refundable. We are committed to delivering quality online and alternative programming for Bay Oaks players until we can return to the field. The deposit payments help, but will not entirely cover the cost to EBUSC of continuing to serve our families over the summer.


We will not set or collect the full season registration fee until we know when we can get back on the field. Season fees will be pro-rated based on the length of on-field season and amount of quality programming we can offer. All deposit payments will count toward to the full season registration fee. We will also continue our commitment to having a strong financial aid program at East Bay United Soccer Club.

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