Bay Oaks 2010 Boys Pool


Andre Hebert

Lead Coach - 2010 Boys Pool

Asst. Director of Coaching - Bay Oaks Boys


Any player born in 2010 that is interested in joining the Bay Oaks 2010 Boys Pool may apply. Players must have a demonstrated interest and some experience playing soccer organized or "disorganized" soccer!

We would love to take every interested child; however we have limited spots available for new players in this age group. Please see the Player Evaluation guidelines below and contact us with any questions.



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This year we do not expect to not hold in-person group tryouts for our 2010 Boys Age Group. Instead, we are asking families to create and submit short video of your child, using these guidelines:


  • Video does not have to be "high quality"—using a phone camera is great!

  • Video should be at least one minute, but no longer than 5 minutes.

  • Have the child introduce themselves at the beginning (name + anything else—school, favorite team, etc.

  • Show us how many times you can juggle the ball without letting it touch the ground.

  • Show us some of your dribbling skills or anything you like to do with the soccer ball. For ideas, visit our Training Video Library and pick out a few moves that you like.

Please email your short video to us here.



We anticipate having a pool of 36 players that will eventually form three Bay Oaks 2010 Boys teams (Gold, Blue and White).

We will begin offering spots in the 2010 Boys Pool to new players and families on June 1st. On June 15th, if we still cannot guarantee your child a spot in the 2010 Boys Pool, we will notify you by phone and/or email. In this case, your child will be listed as an Alternate, and will be invited to the pool if/when a spot becomes available.


Our coaching will evaluate new players using the following methods:

- player videos submitted by families

- live online sessions, as needed (individual, small and large groups)

- conversations with family

- prior knowledge of players

- in-person/on-field individual evaluation, only if necesary


If we cannot guarantee a spot in the Bay Oaks 2010 pool for the 2020/21 season to any player who has registered below, we will notify that family no later than June 15th. In that case, a player may be listed as an alternate, and the family would be updated if/when a spot in the pool became available. In some cases, we may let a family know that we definitely will not have a spot for them in the pool for the season. We can help players find an EBU Rec team to join, or provide info about other competitive programs in the area.

All children who register now will have access to our Bay Oaks Distance/Online Training Program from June through August, even if we cannot offer them a spot on a team when we return to the fields.


2010 Boys Pool Coaching Staff


Andre Hebert

Asst. Director of Coaching

Bay Oaks Boys

Tomás Ortega

2010 Boys Coach

Fabian Plascencia

2010 Boys Coach



We are asking families to make a $200 deposit payment for the 2020-21 season. This can be broken up into monthly installment payments. If your family is unable to make the deposit payment at this time, please email us for assistance.


The deposit payment for the 2020/21 season is not refundable. We are committed to delivering quality online and alternative programming for Bay Oaks players until we can return to the field. The deposit payments help, but will not entirely cover the cost to EBUSC of continuing to serve our families over the summer.


We will not set or collect the full season registration fee until we know when we can get back on the field. Season fees will be pro-rated based on the length of on-field season and amount of quality programming we can offer. All deposit payments will count toward to the full season registration fee. We will also continue our commitment to having a strong financial aid program at East Bay United Soccer Club.

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